How do you bill?
Our services are billed via VU iLabs.
How do we add a billing number to iLabs?
To have a CoA/POET/Center # added into iLab you will need to contact your department managers, listed on the members tab of your VU Lab group. They will be able to add this CoA/POET/Center # to your Lab and manage individual members access to the CoA by following these instructions.
How do we cite CDS in our manuscript?
The use of this Creative Data Solutions should be acknowledged in all publications for services provided that were used or referenced in a publication. Minimally, please use:
The Vanderbilt Creative Data Solutions Shared Resource performed and/or assisted with [INSERT SERVICE(S) PROVIDED HERE].
Can you provide technical oversight to trainees in my lab?
Yes, we can set up a consulting arrangement with clear boundaries and a budget.