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Gene CoExpression Networks

Gene CoExpression Networks

Our standard service provides the following deliverables and assumes that microarray or RNA-Seq data is already processed:

  • Data normalization (read depth and transcript length)
  • Thresholding of data to minimize noise
  • Determination of optimal parameters for scale-free network topology
  • Preparation of metadata for downstream trait correlation analysis
  • Running iterativeWGCNA until convergence
  • Reporting on clusters and what genes they contain
  • Trait-to-cluster correlation analysis
  • Functional gene enrichment analysis for each cluster

Extended services are available, which supplement our standard/fixed workflow described above:

  • Construction of gene correlation network graphs via Cytoscape
  • Community detection analysis for meta-module detection (clusters of clusters)
  • Acquiring data from 3rd party services, such as ArrayExpress or GEO
  • Data processing from FastQ files
  • Iterative customization of results and plots for presentations, publications, grants, etc...

Service info

  • Category:Bioinformatics
  • Skills:R, Python, Statistics
  • Inquire: Email us